A Message From The President

"I am passionate about providing your entire family with the highest quality programs you deserve.  My entire team and I at the Lifespan Development Centers are 100% committed to tailoring an individual educational program that will benefit your family now and in years to come."

Tricia Howarth


Customer Testimonials

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for makiing my kids feel so important and ensuring our entire family is involved with their learning on a daily basis.  I overheard my father making a huge deal to his friends about how his grandson (5yrs) reads books and creates feltboard stories he presents to his classmates, and how his granddaughter (2.5 yrs) sings the months of the year with pride! I overheard this not once, but twice! He is absolutely bragging, and it makes me so proud!

I want to thank the ENTIRE staff at Lifespan for the amazing work they've done to fuel my children's minds with new knowledge daily. Thank you for all you have done for our family over the past 5 years! We love Lifespan"

James J.

Hockessin, DE

Reprinted with permission.

"As a mom, one of my top priorities is to ensure that my children are loved and cared for on a daily basis, in a nurturing and positive environment.   Tricia is someone who I can fully trust in guiding my family towards the most appropriate experience for my family.  From my initial encounter with Tricia, to this very day, I can say that she has been one of the most trustworthy, honest and dedicated people I have ever met.   Her in depth approach to teaching, and commitment to families, speaks volumes about her character as a both a person, and as an educator.   Tricia’s years of experience and dedication to my children as individuals, as well as our family as a whole, is comforting.  Her hands on approach to establishing structured, yet fun programs for our children, while enriching their lives, is priceless.   I feel very fortunate to have Tricia’s guidance, leadership and invaluable experience in the most important part of my life – my children."

Anupa S.
Hockessin, DE


"Dear Tricia,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did to help my family feel safe and comfortable under your care and direction. When we came to you years ago we had such a difficult and stressful experience prior to meeting with you. We appreciate all of your time and efforts to work with us. When a mommy and daddy leave their babies it’s not easy to find a trustworthy caretaker and educator. You have been a vital and amazing part of our family’s lives and we cannot thank you enough for the solid foundation you have helped our girls to have under your care. You are a positive, energetic, and intelligent woman. We are proud to know you!"

Angie H.

Hockessin, DE

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